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Broken Symmetry Skis

Munny No. 3 Custom Toy
Journeyer Skateboard
Crank Limited Edition Screen Print
Munny No. 2 Custom Toy
Restore Hand Cut Paper
Different but the Same Hand Cut Paper
Thoughts Lined Up Hand Cut Paper

Design After Dark Photobooth Pattern
The Sketchbook Project: 2011

Fortress Drawing
Sometimes It's Hard to Focus Drawing
Nurture Drawing
PATTERN REPEAT 5–8 series Drawings
PATTERN REPEAT 1–4 series Limited Edition GicleePrints Prints Available
Pablo's Series 86
Breaking Away Skateboard
Heavy Rotation Limited Edition Screen Print
You Ignore It & It Only Gets Worse
Drawing Prints Available
Descending into the Cavern
Drawing Prints Available
Sketchbooks Drawings

Threads Drawing
Turbulance Collaboration
Prints Available
Positive vs. Negative Drawing
SmartWool Park Artist Series Socks Commission
KARVT Artist Series Laptop Skin: Flourish Commission

Sketchbooks Drawings
SmartWool Park Artist Series Sock: Connected Commission
SmartWool Park Artist Series Sock: Convoluted Commission
Personal Extraction Part 1 Drawing
The Perfect Day Skateboard
It Felt Like I Was Going In the Right Direction Drawing
Was I Supposed to Take a Left? Drawing Prints Available
… of course I was mistaken
I Thought I Went the Right Way
Hot vs. Cold Drawing Prints Available
Mirror 1 Drawing Prints Available

Convoluted Pattern Repeat 1 Drawing Prints Available
Convoluted Pattern Repeat 2 Drawing Prints Available
Convoluted Pattern Repeat 3 Drawing
Convoluted Pattern Repeat 4 Drawing
Convoluted Pattern Repeat 5 Drawing

Breathe Drawing Prints Available
My First Munny Custom Toy
Sketchbooks Drawings
Abstract Lines Series Print
Creating, Growing, Moving Drawing
Patterns Hand Drawn
Highly Imaginative Series Prints
Neural Network Drawing
Breaking Old Patterns Drawing
Convoluted Repeat Drawing
Gneural Graffiti Patterns Drawing / Poster Prints Available
Evasive Mixed Media
Perch Collaboration
Small Art Drawings
Post Due Postcards Drawings

2007 & Older
2007 Sketchbooks Drawings
Patterns Hand Drawn
Small Art Drawings
Defects and Weaknesses Mixed Media
Creampuff Mixed Media
The Period of Highest Development Mixed Media
Connections Mixed Media
Unravelling 4 & 5 Diptych Painting
Growth Series Drawings
LR 103 Limited Edition Print
Casting the Net Mixed Media
A-mazing Mixed Media
Rapturous Series Prints
Cross Series Prints
Unravelling 1, 2 & 3 Triptych Painting
Feeling Discombobulated Mixed Media
Trying to Rise Above Mixed Media
Patterns Hand Drawn
Quarry Mixed Media
Utopia Mixed Media
2006 Sketchbooks Drawings
Untitled Skateboard Painting
Matter Commission
Hypnotic Series Prints
Butting Heads Prints
Organics Series Prints
Small Art Drawings / Mixed Media
Organics Prints
Gridlocked Series Prints
Sleater-Kinney Prints
Gneural Painting
Carry On Painting
Cubix Series Prints
Reverberation Series Prints